the artist behind avaflora


With over twenty years of experience designing flowers, Lori carries a profound passion for nature and an inherited instinct for design.

An artist at heart, she is inspired by nuanced color tones, unexpected texture, and asymmetrical form. She values simplicity, intentional details, and most of all the changing seasons.

Lori is devoted to offering discerning clientele a high-touch service, with a creative process that allows the essence of each client's story to be told through flowers.

When she isn’t immersed in flowers, you can find Lori at the beach, reading books, visiting local wineries, spending time with her husband Mike, friends and family. Most of all, her free time is spent chasing around the biggest love of her life: her son Jake.


AvaFlora was established in 2012 to offer Long Island and its surrounding areas a refined and natural approach to floristry. 

Our purpose is to create artful designs that are ephemeral and deeply personal. Allowing the beauty within the changing seasons to intertwine with our client’s personal taste and style. 

AvaFlora takes a limited number of events each year and only one event per weekend. This allows us the space and time to create for everyone in a meaningful way.

Our work has been featured on, Grey Likes Weddings, and Style Me Pretty. 

Producing art that pushes the boundaries of ideas and creativity.

Ava {pronounced Ah-vah}

comes from the French term “Avant-garde”